Dreise Tucker ATOL (DTA) is pleased to announce the award of a contract for temporary design works on Roads and Maritime Services’ (RMS) The Northern Road – Stage 2 upgrade project.

DTA has been selected to provide temporary traffic management services and construction staging design support for The Northern Road and Bringelly Road Upgrade project under a subcontract with Lendlease Pty Ltd. As part of RMS’ ten-year, $3.6 billion Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan, The Northern Road and Bringelly Road Upgrade project is valued at $2.1 billion and is designed to ease congestion, reduce travel times and improve safety on the roads of Western Sydney, NSW.

The project involves upgrading of the existing two-lane single carriageway to a four-lane dual carriageway. The benefits of the project to the local and wider community are significant with The Northern Road serving as a main arterial transport corridor for the South West and Western Sydney Priority Growth Areas. The upgrade project also supports the development of the Western Sydney Airport in Badgerys Creek and the economic benefits generated therein.

Led by Project Manager, Matt Godwin, DTA’s Highway and Roads department will deliver detailed design of the temporary traffic management and staging for a total of 15.8 kilometres of highway and road, providing value to the project with design solutions that reduce construction time and cost.

DTA’s proven capability in provision of temporary works services and prior success on highway construction projects of a similar scale contributed to the award of this contract.

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