Dreise Tucker Pty Ltd and ATOL Consulting Pty Ltd are delighted to announce this week that the two companies will merge to become Dreise Tucker ATOL. The amalgamated business is set to commence operation from 27 February 2017.

The merger combines the multidisciplinary engineering, design and project delivery services of Dreise Tucker across the transport, resources and maritime sectors, with ATOL’s specialised road and highway engineering capabilities with a focus on traffic, road and highway infrastructure design.

The merger will create a great depth of resources and capabilities for Dreise Tucker ATOL, enhancing output for our clients’, whilst maintaining our core values and continuing to provide a flexible and responsive service in delivering creative engineering solutions that are of value for money.

Dreise Tucker Managing Director Adam Tucker, stated “both Dreise Tucker and ATOL share the same great core values and are highly focused on delivering creative, cost effective solutions, in a responsive manner to our clients. So taking into consideration the parallel cultures of the two businesses, the decision to merge was simple. Now we can extend our resource depth and broader service offering to create greater value for our customers and further opportunity for our people.”

ATOL Consulting was founded in 2008, with Dreise Tucker founded in 2013. The combined operation has offices located in Sydney, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, and will continue to deliver engineering and project delivery service locally for projects executed globally.

For enquiries please contact info@dreisetuckeratol.com