Integrated Delivery

Integrated Delivery

We offer flexible integrated delivery solutions based on each client’s specific needs. We place the responsibility on our team to understand and achieve client objectives, always adhering to agreed time, cost and quality requirements.

We believe that no one better understands a client’s project and objectives than their leaders and staff. By integrating into the mindset of our clients and partners we work together to establish the most appropriate set of roles and accountabilities subject to the project requirements, then assemble the best team to fulfil those requirements.

Our integration model is based on merging the Dreise Tucker ATOL Pty Ltd team with the client’s team to create a unified project team with greater skills, insight and resources, whilst maintaining a common goal for the successful delivery of a project. Our engineering and project delivery can be carried out discreetly or as an integrated team, offering partners greater flexibility.

Our experience delivering projects in this manner – on projects up to $5 Billion AUD in value – has allowed us to achieve far better value for money results on capital expenditure and end user value. This is not just in relation to consultancy fees, but also in the overall delivery of the project through increased efficiency of the engineering, procurement and delivery strategy.

The personable, passionate and respectful manner of our company leaders and staff makes it easy to maintain an open, honest and mutually beneficial working relationship, which is crucial to successful integrated project delivery.